Hi there, Welcome to PokéNoms! We're a physical, for-charity zine inspired by the world of Pokémon. This project is a labor of love and we're so excited to be sharing it with you!

We are currently in the creation period. Follow us on social media to stay up to date on zine happenings, previews, preorders, and more.

About Us

PokéNoms is a for-charity Pokémon themed zine and cookbook!Inspiration for artworks and recipes will be taken from Pokemon games and media. We will be printing a physical zine and have a digital PDF to purchase as well.

Artists will be making illustrations inspired by any official Pokemon media including mainline Pokemon games, Pokemon Cafe Mix, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, and more. They will be encouraged to make art that features Pokemon with a food item.

Chefs will create recipes for Pokemon-themed food and baked goods that are easy to moderate in difficulty.

Profits & Charity

The profits will be going towards the production of the zine, merchandise, and shipping for all buyers. A free digital copy of the zine will go out to all contributors. We will then focus on providing a free physical zine to all contributors, though this can’t be a guarantee until the end of the pre-order period (if this is not possible, we will be offering the zine at production price).

Any leftover money will be donated to a charity to be determined by contributor vote.

Zine Schedule

The schedule below is tentative and subject to change.

Interest CheckFebruary 1-10
Contributor ApplicationsFebruary 10-March 10
Results SentMarch 12
Deadline to RespondMarch 19
Check-in 1April 19
Check-in 2May 19
Final Submissions DueJune 19
Pre-Orders OpenAugust
Production + FulfillmentSeptember - October
Leftover SalesNovember-December

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this be physical or digital?
Both physical and digital copies of the zine will be offered.

How will contributors be compensated?
All contributors will receive a digital copy of the zine regardless of number of preorders! Contributors will also be able to buy an at-cost (manufacturer price) copy. If there are enough preorders, we will also be providing a free physical copy of the zine for contributors.

Is this zine for profit or for charity? What charity will it be supporting?
This zine will be for charity. We would like to pick a charity that will be determined with the input of our contributors! We are aiming for one that is food related and are welcome to suggestions.

Will you be accepting writers?
We will not be featuring any fic or short stories in this zine.

Will Pokemon fan characters/OCs be welcome?
We are only looking for contributions that contain canon non-shiny and shiny Pokemon designs. Accessories like collars or bandanas, or minor cosmetic alterations to show a character’s uniqueness such as a scar or ear notch are okay.

What kinds of food will be featured?
We’re aiming for a wide variety of recipes to be featured, from savory to sweet to everything in between! We will be including recipes of food items directly from Pokemon media as well as unique creations inspired by the franchise.

Will dietary restrictions be included?
Yes, we plan to label all recipes that include dietary restrictions and possibly offer alternatives.

Where will all communication/organization happen?
All communication will happen through our official email address (artwork delivery, acceptance and rejection letters, check ins) and Discord server.

Is traditional art allowed?
Traditional art is fine as long as you are able to submit a clean, high resolution (300dpi) scan.

Where will the zine be shipped from? Will it be shipped internationally?
The zine will be packaged and shipped from the United States. We can ship internationally if the country being shipped to has no Covid restrictions in place.

I have a question that wasn’t answered here! Where can I ask it?
Please email us at [email protected]! You can also reach out to us through our Tumblr ask box and we will be happy to answer!